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5 Ingredients of a Brand

You should know by now that you need to brand yourself.  For a salesperson, branding simply means doing a few things to separate yourself from all the other sales people in your field and even at your store. How do you start developing a brand? There are 5 basic brand elements or ingredients you could consider…

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Why Should You Brand Yourself?

How memorable are you? If you learn how to become unforgettable, there is no limit to your success as a salesperson. Branding is one way to make yourself unforgettable. When I bring up the topic of branding, some people ask, “Why do I have to brand myself? I’m not a business.” Well, my friend, I…

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7 tricks to increase sales using your smart phone AND 6 BONUS business building tips.

7 tricks to increase sales using your smart phone AND 5 BONUS business building tips. 1)      Walk fast, look busy, be a ninja. 2)      “Hello, is it you I’m looking for?” 3)      Show em what you’re working with! 4)      “I’m Waiting…” 5)      Stand in the rain with 2 umbrellas. 6)      “Meet my boss…” 7)      No…

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Is your pay-plan like a Christmas ham?

Why your salesperson pay-plan may look like a Christmas ham…   What I am about to suggest just might be the most obvious and yet uncommon pay-plan idea you have ever seen and it’s all based on one simple fact… I have often wondered why we do some of the things we do in the…

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Why you should stop "selling" and become an order taker!

In the next 4 minutes I am going to try to prove to you why salespeople should STOP trying to sell more cars and become order takers instead! Hint: The best salespeople in the country are order takers!     Okay salespeople, how does collecting over 250 referrals in one month sound?  One of my students…

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Warning! Do NOT read this if you like complacency!

The best thing you can do for your competitors is NOT to read this letter!     Lessons from Kevin Hunter, the “The HomeWork Guy” I don’t want to get overly spiritual here but to be true to the story I have to say, “Give and you shall receive.” Kevin Hunter is a salesperson who…

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