Jim Viox, Dealer Operator, Grayson BMW Hyundai (28 yrs)

“Plan B is an educational system that’s designed by Jonathan Dawson to teach your salespeople how to be more effective and to understand what the salesperson’s psychology should be towards what the customer is thinking. It helps them to do a better job to understand the customer’s intentions and behavior patterns. It also helps them to utilize word phrases that are more effective and powerful when it comes to convincing a customer to make a commitment. I would like to recommend Plan B. It’s an educational system for salespeople to learn how to handle customers and it’s very effective!”

John Ellena, Dealer / President, Jack Ellena Honda (36yrs)

“Good Information. Common sense approach. Really like the self-marketing information & recommendations; Taking personal responsibility for your sales!”

Brady Sauder, General Manager, Schram Chrysler, Dodge (22yrs)

“Great stuff with real world examples & a website for free to follow up on questions. Went to the management training 2 weeks ago & I have used 4 techniques to desk / close deals already. This is a real return on investment.”

John Thuringer, GM, Redwing Chevrolet (15yrs)

“I just recently sent four of my salespeople to the be trained at the MADA. At all levels of training Jon did an exceptional job. I used Jon years ago and he just keeps getting better. I’ve used all kinds of training before but nothing got the guys talking like this… my guys are excited and I plan to bring Jon into my store to keep up the momentum of the class.”

Scott Powell, Dealer, Cornerstone Auto Resource (37yrs)

“Jonathan has helped us increase our gross while growing volume. I use to believe that they were mutually exclusive ideas and I had to choose which one i wanted, volume or gross. Now I understand why investing in my people is so important. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising without even a thought. Now I am cutting back my ad budget, reinvesting in my people and growing! We had a record October this year (2010), in a recession! I’m a second generation dealer, and have been doing this for 37 years. If my father knew what I was doing and I told him I was going to cut advertising while growing volume and gross, he would have taken back the store and had me committed. Thanks Jonathan for all that you have done, I am proud to say I am one of your clients.”

Tom Cook, GM, Starwest Chevrolet (26yrs)

“Loved it. Many useful techniques to employ at the store. Will pay back the cost of the training on the first day if not the first deal.”

Jay Peterson, GM, Miller Chevrolet (21yrs)

“Jonathan has helped me update our sales process into a more relaxed, non-confrontational experience. Obviously I like the motivation part, but it’s the education that makes the real difference. My Managers are less stressed, customers negotiate less, and deals close quicker which means more GROSS. We are breaking records in a down market and Jonathan’s training is a big part of that!”


Wayne Hanson, GM, Mills Auto (15yrs)

“Very Beneficial. Lots of good material on different ways to overcome objections. I especially liked the ‘3 Best Price’ method for handling the ‘Bottom Dollar’ customers.”

Walter Grayson, GM, Grayson Pontiac Jeep Subaru (22 yrs)

“We have used Plan B several times over the last 4 and a half years and it has worked great for us. The salespeople love it the managers love it! The first time we made everybody go, after that everybody wants to go. The information is fresh it’s new, it works and it’s making us a lot of money.”