Mike Reid, Used Car Manager, Shawnee Mission Kia

“Glad someone updated sales training to the current times. Would like to see how the salespeople do with role-playing to get out of comfort zone with material covered. Good job over all. (P.S. I worked for Joe Verde as a sales manager for 5 years.)”

C.L. Murray, NCM, Grayson Pontiac Jeep Subaru (20yrs)

“I’ve been at this store 20 years and we always find it beneficial and we learn new things each time. We also refresh our memory of some things we could be and should be using each time. It brings some things back to life that we might have forgotten about. As we have our training sessions and our reviews we always come away with something useful and new!”

Brett Geren, Finance Manager, Worth Harley-Davidson (8 yrs)

“This is an innovative way of thinking that is completely outside of the box of typical reactive selling. I am guilty of getting away with “handling” objections when they come up, but now I can incorporate this new way of thinking to my business.”

Nick Lucas, UCM, Grayson BMW (10yrs)

“I believe with all my heart that the concepts of Plan B are very dynamic and very unique. Everybody in this store, pre owned salespeople, new car salespeople, and managers have bought into the concepts wholeheartedly, 100%! Volume increases, attitude increases and improvements too. I recommend it to everybody!”

Tim Sweet, Sales Manager, Miller Auto Plaza (21yrs)

“We brought Jonathan into our store for 40 days of training in a year. The commitment was overwhelming at first. I didn’t like the idea of pulling my guys off the floor for training 2-3 days every month. But as I sat through the classes and saw what my guys were learning and how they were changing I knew it was a good investment of our time and resources. Three and a half months ago Jonathan helped us hire some new salespeople.

His hiring process from the ad he ran to the way he interviewed the applicants was completely different from anything I had ever done. I had never seen such a quality group of applicants in my 21 years in the business. We hired 3 out of the 22 applicants and then we ran the newbies through a rookie school with Jon and the results were astonishing! The three new (never sold before) salespeople have sold 130.5 cars in their first 3 months! That’s an average of 14.5 units per month for the first 3 months since we hired them.”