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Lessons from Kevin Hunter, the “The HomeWork Guy

I don’t want to get overly spiritual here but to be true to the story I have to say, “Give and you shall receive.” Kevin Hunter is a salesperson who believes that quote from Luke 6:38, found in the Bible. He has bet his business on the belief that he can’t out give or out serve his customers. (Wow! What a great attitude.) And so far he is proving to be a genius! Kevin and I have worked together since the beginning of his career because I recruited him into the car business during a recruiting campaign I ran for a client of mine.

He told me, when he first showed up for the interview, that he never thought he would ever have considered car sales, but the way the job ad was written he was so curious he had to reply. (Side note: When you recruit do your ads look like everyone else?) Kevin shared with me his personal convictions and concerns about deceit, greed, and selfishness and that he wondered if an honest person could become a car salesman and could really make it. I assured him that not only was it possible but it was desirable!
One unique attribute that is “the thing” (early P.S. statement: Every salesperson needs an X-factor) that separates him from all the other salespeople at the dealership is his willingness to “call out the elephant in the room”. This is something I talked a lot about with him and the others in the rookie school class he attended shortly after he was hired. “Calling out the elephant” as I put it, is all about speaking plainly and frankly about the awkwardness and un-comfortableness of car shopping. Practically speaking, that means he was willing and would actually walk up and greet a customer by saying, “Hi folks, have you been harassed by any salespeople yet?” (Kevin has only been in the business for 2 years and so he is still open-minded.)

This unconventional approach was usually enough to catch the customer off guard for just a second (this technique is called “pattern interrupt” in Sellchology®). He then, with a very casual demeanor would talk about how difficult it can be to find the right car, and know when you are looking at a fair price. By talking about the fears and concerns of the customer “proactively” (Another early P.S., proactivity is the best tool a salesperson can use to take down the wall of a customer) he was tearing down the wall of fear and using those “fear bricks” – the things they were afraid of – to build a path of trust.


Now that’s what I’m talking about – You can’t out give people!

Kevin doesn’t just sound different, he puts his money and his commitment where his mouth is. Kevin created a six minute audio CD on “How to buy a car.” that he gives to everybody who “wants to think about it”. He created a website; www.thehomeworkguy.com to provide additional information to his customers. That’s not all, he then created a YouTube video channel containing similar content as his audio CD he uses to direct his Internet leads and phone ups to go along with his website. And as of Saturday June 18th he has his own radio show, “Car tips from the Home Work Guy” airing on KTIS am 980!

A car salesman with a radio show!!

Here’s where it gets really exciting though… Because Kevin wants to give back as much as possible he decided to sponsor a weekly drawing for a $100 grocery giveaway. He has a vehicle sitting inside a grocery store in his town filled with nonperishable groceries. The manager of the grocery store gave him the front entrance and allows him to put up a banner and a registration table and a TV with a running video loop of his YouTube clip

THAT”S NOT ALL! The manager also runs another grocery store and wants a car put in there too!

****Two stores collecting thousands of contacts!!!****

As of today, June 13th, 2011 here’s what’s happening with “The HomeWork Guy”

  • He currently has 10 sales for the month of June (mostly referrals) with 2 order outs for July
  • He has collected 6,500 contacts from his give away – including 4,000 email addresses
  • He has a website that is linked to several major online consumer sites
  • He has his own radio show broadcasted on KTIS AM980 with more 6 AM stations to be included
  • And he is just getting started! All of this is less than 6 months old – Can you imagine a year from now?!

Here’s what Kevin gives to his customers:

1. He has a true servant’s heart, he washes his customer’s car whether they buy or not, they leave in a clean car!

2. He offers to help his customers sell their current car if it turns out the dealership is not offer a high enough number on trade. He actually helps them sell it private party.

3. He will help his customers buy a car at another lot if it turns out they are not going to buy the brands he represents, that’s why he is the “The HomeWork Guy”.

4. He has a “Free Special Report” he gives away in print to those who don’t buy.

5. He has an audio CD with instructions on “How to buy” an insider’s look at getting a good deal.

6. He has a video on YouTube at that is entitled “Homework for Car Shoppers”. Search “Homework for Car Shoppers” in YouTube and his link is first on the list!

7. He does a Grocery Giveaway of $100.00 per week to someone in his local community.

So, do you have a mission out-side of “just selling cars”? Is there something you would like to give to? To learn more about becoming a purpose driven salesperson and how to out give your customers, go to www.sellchology.com or call us at 866-769-8083.

P.S. I hope you found this letter both encouraging and challenging. (It was meant to kick some of you in the butt and pat the rest of you (the ones being unique) on the back.

Jonathan W. Dawson

Cell: (612) 387 – 7776
Fax: (866) 769 – 8083

More information can be found at – https://sellchology.com

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  1. Andrew Melamed on September 29, 2016 at 10:29 am

    OMG! this is great and really gets my creativity juices flowing. This made me ask myself a very important question. How can I maximize my marketing efforts beyond targeting individuals while doing so with good intentions that offers a tremendous benefit to the local community?

    Just Awesome!

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