Experience Sellchology at NADA 2018

Jonathan Dawson

I’m very excited to share Sellchology strategies at the 2018 NADA Convention in Las Vegas! I’ll be speaking six times on three different topics and would be honored for you to attend one of my sessions.

My presentations will offer fresh and practical ideas for dealers and managers to improve their marketing, management and hiring practices.

Topic # 1 – Not All Customers are Created Equal: 10 Metrics to Track ROI

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Topic # 2 – Unleash the Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Your Salespeople

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Topic # 1 – Bermuda Triangle of Recruiting: The Onboarding Process

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Details and times for each topic:

Not All Customers are Created Equal: 10 Metrics to Track ROI

  • Do you wish you could attract more customers who are loyal and happy?
  • Do you want to reduce your advertising costs while increasing sales and profits?
  • Do you want to create processes at your store that encourage the desired behaviors from your team?

In this session, you will learn how to:

  1. Use 10 metrics to define, attract and convert more higher quality customers
  2. Determine what marketing, branding, and advertising changes need to be made to begin communicating with and attracting your highest ROI prospects.
  3. Review pay plan, bonus structures, and other incentives to determine how to create the desired activities, behaviors, and results from your sales team.   

Join me to see which leads and sales are less expensive to get, easier to close, and easier to make a profit on. Knowing the cost will facilitate establishing a culture and processes that attract customers with the highest ROI!

Dates & Times for Not All Customers are Created Equal: 10 Metrics to Track ROI

  • Friday, March 23, at 10:30am, Room N112
  • Friday, March 23, at 1:00pm, Room N250 (translated session)
  • Saturday, March 24, at 9:00am, Room N114

Track: Dealer/Executive

Unleash the Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Your Salespeople

Paul Sansone Jr.

Most dealerships focus on technology, inventory or pricing to compete in the marketplace. But often it’s done at the expense of other methods that produce better experiences for the consumer.

For decades, dealers have been spending more and more on third-party technologies, websites, and widgets that have all been designed to replace or remove the rolls of the sales professional. But recent data is showing that the pendulum is swinging back with 74% of Generation Z customers craving a better face-to-face experience that marries technology with the sales professional.


Join me and Paul Sansone Jr., a dealer, to learn how to:

  • Adopt a culture and mindset where your sales team becomes your strongest competitive advantage and self-generates traffic, leads and sales.
  • Reduce turnover by helping your team build loyal relationships with customers and by increasing their personal job satisfaction and income.
  • Increase profits through improved sales performance, gross per unit, and CSI

Dates & Times for “Unleash the Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Your Salespeople”

  • Thursday, March 22, at 4:00pm, Room N224

Track: Dealer/Executive


Bermuda Triangle of Recruiting: The Onboarding Process

Oksana Drogan

The first 90 days is a critical time for your new sales staff. This is when they decide if the job is a good fit, learn what it’s like to work for your company, and ultimately decide if this is where they want to be long term.

Sadly, most dealerships use the “sink or swim” approach with new hires and don’t have any orientation or onboarding activities at their dealership. It hurts productivity and morale, and contribute to high turnover rates.

Join me and Oksana Drogan, recruiting & selection researcher, to learn how to:

  • Implement an effective onboarding program for new employees to increase productivity
  • Identify areas of improvement in your current orientation and onboarding processes
  • Reduce turnover through increased employee satisfaction and confidence

Dates & Times for “Bermuda Triangle of Recruiting: The Onboarding Process”

  • Thursday, March 22, at 1:00pm, Room N259/261
  • Saturday, March 24, at 10:30am, Room N259/261

Track: Employee Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

I look forward to seeing you at NADA! If you’d like to schedule a time to meet, please contact me at 612-387-7776 or jon@sellchology.com

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