Tim “Coop” Cooper, GSM, Jack Ellena Honda (7yrs)

“Great material. The method for explaining the material was good. Kept my interest very well. It’s very different from the way I was trained for the last 7 years but it’s the way the business should be handled every day. I’m excited to get back to the store and retrain my staff.”

Kenny Glasco, GSM, Olathe Toyota (22yrs)

“Excellent! Easy to understand workbook and easy to follow. Closing information will definitely use, and “What makes a good salesperson to you” line as well.”

James Wunderlich, GSM, Worth Harley-Davidson (12yrs)

“Interesting ideas. I can’t wait to see how they do after some role-playing to prove that this Sellchology works in the real-world.”

Mike Lawson, GSM – Steve Smith Country (14yrs)

“I just wanted to let you know that since you showed us the desking ideas two weeks ago we have already had a noticeable difference in our gross. On trades we have been able to hold an average of $500 and on the selling price we have been discounting less. Overall our gross is up $870 per unit on the last 47 units. I’ve been desking deals for over 8 years now and I didn’t know what to expect from the class. I always knew the psychology of a customer was important I just didn’t know how to turn that information into gross profit. Thanks!”

Jeff Richmond, GSM, Valley Imports (22yrs)

“I’ve got about twenty years in the automotive industry doing anything from used car manager, sales manager, new car manager, finance director, finance manager so I’ve got a pretty good  background in every “hat” in the front end of the store. We inquired about Jonathan Dawson’s services about a year and a half ago and got some pretty good references indicating he would do a good job for our store. We were looking for something a little bit different. We are probably a niche market if you want to call us that. In Fargo, ND we are the only Mercedes Mitsubishi, Audi Volkswagen in the state of North Dakota so we service a pretty wide area as well as western Minnesota. But, we didn’t want to be like everybody else. We wanted our salespeople to be different in a good way.

I think what Jonathan has brought to the table for us as far as the psychology of selling has been wonderful for our salespeople. We know that we definitely treat our customers differently, but, we also get inside the minds of our customers. It’s definitely a change of pace from what most people in the Fargo/Moorhead expect when they walk onto a car lot of any type domestic or import! I think our salespeople would absolutely agree that what they learn from Jonathan they can easily put to use in the car business, but they probably also put a little bit of use in their personal lives as well. We’ve got some great examples of some younger people that got the training that Joe Verde offers, the meat potatoes if you will; word tracks, how to have a good attitude, but passed that… Actually going out onto the lot and visiting with customers and finding out exactly what they are thinking and what direction they really want to go… I don’t think we could have found anyone better that Jonathan to teach that. He’s done a fantastic job!

Our salespeople look forward to the times that he comes to train and so do I. It’s a little bit of a break for me because he gets to wrestle them down and visit with them to see how much they’ve learned since the last time he was here. He get’s to see how much they have actually put to use in the real world. It’s exciting for them and it’s exciting for me to listen to them use the psychology they learned on the previous trip with their customers. I know they are trying very hard and I know it’s paying dividends for us!”

Kevin Dietz, GSM, Redwing Chrysler (29yrs)

“I liked the new ways of desking, staying off price, and holding GROSS!”

Bill Kelly, GSM Preston Hood Chevrolet (21yrs)

"Jon Dawson was invited to speak at one of our 20 Group meetings and I really liked the information he provided on desking ideas. I thought they were very fresh and unique so I invited him to my store for a few days to share them with my management team. I wanted to let everyone out there know how pleased I was with how the training went. From the managers to the salespeople, all the way down it was absolutely well received. We immediately came out of the training and used several of the examples that Jon had taught us over the course of the three day training and we are extremely happy with it. One of the best parts of what Jon does is that he doesn’t just tell you how to do. He’ll spend his third day out there and his nights after the class actually out there with your salespeople showing you how to do it. That was a great benefit and a great comfort to our salespeople. For any of you out there thinking about doing business with Jon, I would highly recommend it.”