Monty Lala, Sales, Jack Ellena Honda

“Educative. Flow charting this stuff would be awesome to kinda work through the whole process.”

Laura Augustine, Sales, Jack Ellena Honda

“Very informative; I feel like being brand new, it offers me tons of ideas to use/try; would love to learn more about Branding/ Growing a customer base.”

Ethan Hammond, Sales, Jack Ellena Honda

“Well 1st off, Thank You! It was great. I’m new to car sales but I learned a lot from the meet and greet to closing. It’s going to help a lot. I wish I had more one-on-one time with Jon but it was great. Thank you Jon.”

Dan Oullet, Sales, Jack Ellena Honda

“Wish I could have stayed longer and learned more. Absolutely fantastic and informal! Would love to come to another one if I could. Meet & Greet and closing were perfect! It’s something I need help with and feel I received a ton of new knowledge to help me succeed.”

Matt McRoberts, Sales, Little Apple Toyota – Honda

“Very imformative workshop. Gave me many ideas for individual marketing. This is the first formal training I’ve attended and I have learned a ton about all aspects of car sales.”

Marina Velos-Cecena, Sales, Little Apple Toyota – Honda

“Class was very helpful. Would like it to may be a little shorter. Great class for old salespeople as well as new sales consultants."

Suzanne “Red” Gonzales, Sales, Little Apple Toyota – Honda

“Very Informative. Love the “take it away” approach. The “waiter closing is something I am definitely going to start using. I’m going to start marketing myself as “Red”, as in “the apple” of little apple and start packaging caramel apples with a personalized label for gifts.”

Sean Ryan, Sales, Little Apple Toyota – Honda

"*Extremely* nice breakdown of the whole process and walkthrough step by step. Actually the best training I’ve had by miles.”

Mick Simmons, Sales, State Line Nissan

“Best sales seminar I’ve ever attended. A perfect mixture of abstract concepts and real world examples. Everyone will find ways to put this in their own vernacular. F*#king brilliant!”

Jim Carlson, Sales, State Line Nissan

“I enjoyed learning a different way to sell cars. The “take away” is genius. The “demo ride” Vs. “presentation ride” showed me my faults. Now it’s time to change. Thank you!”

Jon Riedel, Sales, Briggs Auto Lane

“Would love to attend again! Very motivating, makes me wanna work harder! A lot of this my dealership does already so it was more of a refresher, but I still learned a lot.”

C.J. Kadavy, Sales, Briggs Auto Lane

“I thought it was a good class… Lots of info. Lots of stuff I never thought of.”

Patrick Thomas, Sales, Briggs Auto lane

“Informative – I’m looking forward to learning and becoming more familiar with phrases and terms, to be able to use in the market. Definitely an excellent approach to being successful in this profession.”

Jesse Hansen, Sales, Briggs Kia

“WoW! When I came in this morning and my GM said I was going to training all day all I thought was, “Man, I’m losing out on money.” After this class I think I’m going to be able to double sales and gross this year!!”