Why Choose Sellchology for your Automotive Sales Training?


How is Sellchology Sales Training different from the training you’ve tried? Consider these 7 reasons:

  1. I teach how to sell through psychology. A manager or salesperson who understands WHY something works is more motivated to do it and can adapt a technique to their selling style.
  2. I teach principles and strategies. The benefit of learning a principle is that it can be applied in more than one way while still being extremely effective.
  3. I still sell cars! Visit my YouTube or Facebook pages to see how I demonstrate the effectiveness of my methods by greeting customers, closing deals, taking incoming phone calls or doing TO’s.
  4. Because I’m in dealerships every month, my training content is fresh and practical. It addresses the challenges of the current market and teaches salespeople how to relate to today’s consumers.
  5. With 14 years of experience in the automotive industry, I have a proven track records of helping sales team increase sales and profits.
  6. My training style is educational and fun! My clients learn effective selling and marketing strategies in an engaging environment.
  7. I love what I do! Selling is a great profession and my mission is “Saving the world, one salesperson at a time.”

Jonathan Dawson
Sellchology Sales Training Founder/President

(866) 769-8083 • info@sellchology.com