What Is Sellchology

What Is Sellchology

Sellchology is selling through psychology. There are proven principles that influence and impact the way people think, communicate, buy, sell, set goals or perform daily tasks.

We teach salespeople and managers how to use these principles to create a truly unique shopping experience for customers. This experience-based philosophy of selling generates incredible results for dealers.

View Interactive Samples from the Sellchology University sales training program

Sellchology of Sales Sample – 5 Possible Greetings on the Lot

The most common areas that Sellchology will impact:

These areas will increase:

  • Raving fans and advocates
  • Energy and excitement about helping customers
  • Confidence and consistency in sales staff
  • Referral generation and outside prospecting by salespeople
  • Unit production and profit per sale

These areas will decrease:

  • Reliance on traditional media to get traffic (shrink your ad budget)
  • Objections, hesitation and hostility from the customer
  • Time it takes to help customers buy
  • Stress in the sales process
  • Sales staff turnover

The most popular training topics dealers request are Sales, Marketing, Life and People skills

Highlights of topics covered by Sellchology Sales Training:

Sellchology of Sales
How to sell through psychology

  1. Learn new ways to greet customers on the lot so they want to talk to you
  2. Stop overcoming objections and learn how to remove them by becoming a proactive salesperson
  3. How to add value at every step of the process
  4. Master the 4 areas of investigative questions to land on the right vehicle faster
  5. How to do the perfect vehicle presentation
  6. How to do negotiate to hold gross
  7. Deliver a vehicle in such a way as to create an unforgettable experience and create raving fans
  8. And much, much more!

Sellchology of Marketing
How to grow a business within a business

  1. Why salespeople need to develop a personal brand
  2. How to become free from the dependency of lot traffic
  3. Easy ways to generate MASSIVE referral leads (think 20+ leads from 1 customer)
  4. How to collect raving fan reviews before the customer leaves the dealership
  5. Using Facebook, YouTube, and Google to sell cars
  6. How to market like a pro without spending money
  7. And much, much more!

Sellchology of Life
How to understand what motivate, learn discipline and become productive

  1. 5 ingredients your goal must have for you to achieve it
  2. How to develop a strategy for your day to maximize your productivity
  3. 1 common mistake people make in goal setting that sabotages their success
  4. How to become a top performer by understanding your emotional needs
  5. How to master your attitude in sales
  6. How to design the life you really want
  7. And much, much more!

Sellchology of People
How to connect and build rapport with customers

  1. Discover the 4 different communication styles of your customer to connect immediately
  2. Close the deal when you have third party influencers
  3. Adapt to any personality to create instant rapport
  4. Break up awkward or uncomfortable patterns in the sale
  5. Do effective cross-gender selling
  6. Understand how to create urgency throughout the sale
  7. Become a master of influence by learning the 8 core influencers of buying
  8. Get the customer to tell you exactly how to sell them
  9. And much, much more!