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Sales Psychology

What do pickles have to do with selling cars?!

Examples in Brand Building: Lessons from Wayne the “Pickle Man”. To know Wayne is to know he is not the “Pickle Man” type. You might think after you read what he did that he is a natural attention seeker, and comfortable in center stage. He isn’t. In fact he’s the opposite. He’s a quiet, reserved,…

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Warning! Do NOT read this if you like complacency!

The best thing you can do for your competitors is NOT to read this letter!     Lessons from Kevin Hunter, the “The HomeWork Guy” I don’t want to get overly spiritual here but to be true to the story I have to say, “Give and you shall receive.” Kevin Hunter is a salesperson who…

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5 ways to turn around dealership turn-over!

This special report will instantly and dramatically change the way you recruit your next salesperson! 5 strategies and tactics that WILL turn around your turnover: No matter how your current top performer is doing there is someone out there who can raise the bar and challenge them No matter how long you have been trying…

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