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Sales Psychology

Experience Sellchology at NADA 2017

I’m very excited to share Sellchology strategies at the 2017 NADA Convention in New Orleans! I’ll be speaking 5 times and would be honored for you to attend one of my sessions. My presentations will be rich with unique, practical and low cost ideas for dealers and managers to improve their marketing and hiring practices. Topic…

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Educational Selling with Credit-Challenged Buyers

“Anything more than 3% and I’m being taken advantage of!” This is what a recent customer (I’ll call him Tony) said to me while I was working on the show floor with a dealer client of mine. Tony wanted to know if we can get him approved on the car he wants and with a…

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Why 90% of Salespeople Have Never Done a Demo Drive

I recently purchased a new car. The process of going around several dealerships and test driving various brands reminded me of how crucial this step is in the selling process. Yet, very few salespeople did it correctly. In fact, I am going to make this bold statement: 90% of salespeople have never done a demo…

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Do Customers Only Care About the Price?

Do you believe that today’s customer only cares about the price? Do you think that discounting or even losing money on deals is the only way to win a customer? I believe that price alone is not a strong enough motivator of buying, especially as a long-term strategy for a business or individual salesperson. Any…

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Why 90% Will Fail at S.A.L.E.S.

The biggest objection salespeople will get in their sales career is not from a customer but from inside themselves. This is why I believe it’s critical for a salesperson to learn life skills in addition to honing their sales skills. I use the word S.A.L.E.S as a memory word for some of the fundamental life…

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“Trust me, I’m a car salesman” – How to become an authority

As part of teaching Sellchology – Selling through psychology, I teach salespeople that there are 8 primary influencers of buying behavior. One of those influencers is Higher Authority. Knowing how to positively and effectively use this principle will help sales teams influence customers at a higher level. The principle of Higher Authority is based on…

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