Upcoming Events, Seminars, and Conferences

March 19th & 20th: AutoRemarketing Canada - Toronto,

April 4th & 5th: Hustle & Grind Automotive Conference - Orlando

April 8th: Sellchology Leadership Mastery Workshop - Atlanta

April 11th: Sellchology Advanced Sales Seminar - Atlanta

April 15th: Sellchology "Back to the Basics" Sales Seminar -Atlanta 

SAVE $895 and you can attend the entire event for FREE by using the Sellchology Discount Code. To get the code, send an email to info@sellchology.com with the subject line: Canada

Kicking off the "Dealer Training Tuesday", I'll be delivery the Keynote presentation to start the conversation about how dealers can be maximizing their resources and their people to dominate their market and grow profits. The full agenda can be seen here.

The annual Auto Remarketing Canada Conference brings together all corners of the remarketing and used-vehicle industry for 2 days of learning, sharing and networking. It covers a wide array of topics within 3 content tracks — Retail, Remarketing & Fleet and Auto Finance — including the growing demand for certified pre-owned vehicles, automotive retail technology, used-vehicle supply trends, subprime lending, digital marketing. 

In its second year, Hustle & Grind is a two-day automotive conference that inspires and educates dealerships and sales teams on how to use innovation & disruption to grow your business. But BEST OF ALL, it inspires you to transform your life in a sustainable way that brings you TRUE success!

Join Eric Thomas, myself, and other auto industry thought leaders on April 4-5 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando to learn about the tools, platforms, and tactics that can be used to start marketing for the year we live in. Get your tickets to the event here!

I'm hosting my very own Hustle House! I have some rooms still available and you can stay with me in a private villa during the event, by reserving your room in HOUSE #5, the Sellchology House. Click HERE now!

The biggest expense a dealership has is a salesperson who doesn’t work or the one we hire who doesn’t work out. The cost is in TIME, ENERGY, LOST SALES, DEMORALIZED TEAM, and the list goes on! This session emphasizes the proven principles of recruiting and onboarding that WILL reduce wasted time, energy, money and resources on unproductive salespeople and help you grow your team on purpose instead of on accident!


We all wonder, “What can I do to help my people get to the next level?” How often do you find yourself either frustrated or confused by the apparent lack of drive and motivation of some of your team members? In this session you will learn how to discover and unlock what motivates your people and how you can lead them to their next level because you understand the psychology behind their goals and what will drive them.


The second greatest expense to a dealer is the loss of revenue due to ineffective marketing. Advertising is also wasted when you bring customers into a process (or people) that lose the customer! The best advertising is “word of mouth” and this session is to learn psychological principles of sales & marketing that will generate long-term, loyal clients and do it by leveraging your two greatest assets - your people & your customer!

Recharge Your Management Battery

You'll feel re-energized and become more focused as you learn the best practices that are helping other dealerships avoid the common stresses that hold their store back and limit their growth.

Improve Your People & Then Improve Your Profit

There is always room for improvement, and growth starts with your people. Learn how to attract, onboard, and motivate a team of top performers who build a business within your business.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Does your marketing message attract transactional buyers instead of relational buyers? Learn how the most profitable dealers focus on their highest valued customers and create Raving Fan Advocates!

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Through our regional and national conferences, our online university, and our in-house programs we have served dealerships from 38 states. From dealers with 3 salespeople to auto groups with 300, we know each store is different and yet they all have similar challenges.

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Though Jonathan has been teaching psychology of selling for over 2 decades, he's been exclusively working with dealerships since 2002. He is devoted to our industry and to helping dealers have breakthroughs and dealerships break records!

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"To save the world, one salesperson at a time by teaching them how to create raving fan advocates and out-experience their competition."

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