One on One Coaching Forms

Performing a One-on-One coaching session with your team is vital for on-going growth and performance as an organization.



This process can be done as frequently as once a month, or as a quarterly exercise.


To watch an introduction and overview of the assessment, please click here. This was performed at a client and was LIVE streamed into my private coaching group for my clients. It gives you the basic format for how to use the forms below.

The first form is to be used with a sales team member and a team leader, or sales manager. The second form is to be used with a Dealer/GM and a manager/department head.

Guidelines to follow:

  1. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH… The exercise will be uncomfortable for some team members and even for some managers the first (second, or even third) time you do it. Make sure to BE PROACTIVE and tell the team member that this is new and you’re new at this and that you both may stumble through it the first time!
  2. Print these forms out in advance and discuss the first page, “Definitions and Terms” with the team member prior to the first session. Taking the time to discuss this will make it more likely you are on the same page when completing the rest of the exercise.
  3. Complete the “Assessment” portion separately and prior to your scheduled one-on-one time. Both you and your team member should come to the meeting prepared and having the “Assessment” page completed before the meeting. KEEP IN MIND that your first time completing the assessment you will probably not know exactly what the “correct” answers “should” be. You are likely going to have to guess. PLEASE GUESS when you don’t know the answers. It’s okay to be wrong and you probably will be.
  4. Make sure you set a specific time and you keep it! The first session has an hour allocated to it. As you do more of them and especially with the same person you’ll be able to do these in 30 minutes. But the first time should be scheduled with an hour for a quality one-on-one.
  5. It gets awkward and uncomfortable to talk openly and honestly about personal goals and about personal things. Be respectful, and be ready to be caught off guard by some of the information shared. You will probably not see eye to eye on everything. That’s okay and normal.

Here is the form to use between a manager (team leader) and a salesperson: Leadership assessment for your sales team

Here is the form to use between a Dealer/GM and a manager (department lead): Leadership assessment for your management