Bring your sales team to this innovative seminar to learn the psychology of sales and a modern day approach to selling through psychology.


The seminar is facilitated by Jonathan Dawson, an internationally recognized speaker, sales trainer and salesman who still sells cars! Jonathan is constantly given the opportunity to discover and implement new techniques that work in the real world of automotive retail sales at dealerships all over the country.

  • Connect with your clients quicker by adapting to their communication style and personality.
  • Identify the 8 psychological influencers of your buyer that causes them to want to do business.
  • Recognize the patterns & clues that most salespeople miss that end up costing them time and money.
  • 4 critical body language clues in the greeting!
  • Learn the 5-step method to introduce objections so you don’t have to overcome them.
  • Discover the 6 steps to turn any question into an opportunity to do business!
  • Connect with difficult customers and sell to people outside your comfort zone.
  • Ask questions that set your deal up for success by using these 4 categories of the investigation.
Sellchology Sales Seminar Attendees
  • STOP landing on the wrong car and create urgency by focusing on customers’ wants & needs.
  • Turn your PRODUCT presentation into a PROFIT presentation using the customer’s hot buttons!
  • Out-experience your competition and become UNFORGETTABLE with 4 unique demo drives!
  • Manage their expectations by setting up the deal correctly to prevent “smoke-screen” objections in the close!
  • Present the numbers like a PRO to maximize the credibility and gross of the deal!
  • The art of fighting WITHOUT fighting: non-confrontational objection handling skills
  • Real-world roleplaying and objection handling sessions to sharpen skills & increase confidence!
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VIP breakfast | 8:00am – 8:50am

The Closer's Clinic (exclusive for VIP or Sellchology clients1)

Powerful psychological principles & closes

  • Building a commitment before you ever ask for one.
  • How to use different kinds of closes stacked on top of each other to build momentum to the close.
  • The best way to set expectations up-front and early.
  • How to become an expert authority in the mind of your customers while you are closing the deal.
  • The best closes for:
    • “I want more for my trade”
    • “The price is too high!”
    • “I want to think about it.”

9:00am – 4:00pm

General Session – Psychology of Sales

Sales psychology, principles, processes and more! In the general sessions attendees will learn how to identify and adapt the psychology of successful selling into their personality and processes, making them more effective and efficient. You will learn powerful ideas such as:

Sellchology Sales Seminar Attendees_1

Psychology of gaining common ground

  • How to use psychology in your opening up of the sale.
  • Paradigm shift – Introducing objections NOT overcoming.
  • 5 most common challenges in the beginning of the sale:
    • “Just looking”
    • “Not buying today”
    • “Don’t have any time”
    • “What’s your best price”
    • “You’re my first stop”
  • How to turn “questions” into opportunities to do business!
  • Change these 3 words or… LOSE SALES.
  • The #1 mistake salespeople make when starting the sale.
Sellchology Sales Seminar Attendees_4

Principles of effective value building

  • Hot button selling means selling solutions not products!
  • How to get your customer to tell you EXACTLY how to sell them a car in under 3 minutes.
  • Why your walk-around probably sucks and which 3 things you should change.
  • Best demo drives to drive profit:
    • Frosty Challenge
    • Honey, I’m home
    • HiHo HiHo
    • Dream weaver
  • The Power of creating “mental ownership” before numbers!
  • The worst trial closing question you are using right now. I will help you fix it!

VIP Role-playing Session | 4:15pm – 5:00pm

The Closer's Clinic Continued (exclusive for VIP or Sellchology clients1)

Role-playing through difficult situations like: Cross-cultural closes, closing when 3rd-party influencers are involved, and how to deal with competitive claims that you know are NOT true! 

1 Any current client receiving in-house Sellchology training or Sellchology University on-demand services is eligible for discounted pricing. If a dealership signs up for Sellchology services prior to the seminar, they will be eligible for discounted seminar pricing. Contact us at to inquire about discount eligibility.