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7 tricks to increase sales using your smart phone AND 6 BONUS business building tips.

7 tricks to increase sales using your smart phone AND 5 BONUS business building tips.

1)      Walk fast, look busy, be a ninja.

2)      “Hello, is it you I’m looking for?”

3)      Show em what you’re working with!

4)      “I’m Waiting…”

5)      Stand in the rain with 2 umbrellas.

6)      “Meet my boss…”

7)      No one sells better than a happy customer.

8)       Be sociable.

9)      Download the Money maker app.

10)   “Look Ma, No HANDS!”

11)    “You don’t know me, but you do know…”

12)   “Enough about me, what do you think about me?”

13)   Your customer’s name is Q-something.



1)     Walk fast, look busy, be a ninja –

Ever walk out on to the lot to greet a customer and get the immediate impression they are not happy to see you. Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Shakespeare once wrote: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.”


Try being on your phone and looking busy when a customer first sees you. This works with the customer who is driving through the lot and hasn’t stopped or one who has already gotten out of their vehicle but is not coming inside. The average customer has a pattern of thought referred to as a stereotype of car salespeople that makes then resistant or reluctant to being engaged. This pattern needs to be interrupted by you, so use a “pattern interrupt” technique (something they don’t expect).


As you approach, almost walk past them, but stop and say to your imaginary friend, “I’ve got somebody here with a quick question, I’ll call you later.” Since they saw you interrupt what you were doing to acknowledge them that should be enough to activate the principle of “obligation/reciprocity” making the customer feel like they owe you some time and attention.


2)     “Hello, is it you I’m looking for?” –

Want to get an e-lead or phone up to respond and engage with you? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


We’ve all heard the expression, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Well let’s use a little curiosity with our customer and see what happens.


Often an e-lead comes in with a phone number listed and the number is a mobile one. Once you’ve sent off you first response to the e-lead (usually a template email), you then immediately call them. As part of your first conversation (whether e-lead or phone up) ask them if their phone can receive text messages including photos and videos? Once they say yes, as part of your follow up send the following text messages from your phone to the number listed and this is how the conversation will go… 

You – “Is this (CUSTOMER’S FIRST NAME)’s phone?”

Them – “Yes. Who’s this?”

You – [Send pic of yourself] – (selfie) wait 30 secs

You – “Hello Jane, This is (NAME), I’m in sales and customer service at (DEALERSHIP). We spoke earlier. I wanted to verify you received our last email. Did you like what you saw?”

You now have engagement. On December 3rd, 1992 (over 20 years ago) the firs text message ever sent read: “Merry Christmas.” What will your next text message say?  

I’m not suggesting auto-dial, or robo texting which is illegal without prior OPTing-IN. I’m not a lawyer, so seek legal advice elsewhere, but here is what the FTC and the FCC have to say about sending a text message. But there are exceptions to the laws regarding SMS TEXTING consumers that allow us to text our customers once they have engaged us:

3)     Show em what you’re working with!

Do you want your customers to separate you from the competition and see you as the unique and better choice? Do you have a unique dealership with a story to share? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


You’ve got it so flaunt it – your inventory that is! When was the last time you created a video walk around, inventory or facility tour for your leads, customer, or social sites? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Your next appointment should get a personal virtual tour of the vehicle they are considering and a showcase of the other options you have for them to consider. Also, consider shooting a walking interview styled tour of the dealership. Take a walk through the building with the GM or GSM stop at service and interview the Service Manager, show off the amenities and sell the story behind the dealership. Interview happy customers waiting in the lounge. 3-5 minutes is all you need. Upload to YouTube, and send the link to all e-leads and phone ups.


4)     “I’m Waiting…”

Ever have a 2pm appointment that is a no show and at 2:15, 2:30, and 3pm isn’t responding to your follow up calls? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Once you have set the appointment on a vehicle, let’s say for 2pm most salespeople don’t do much in the way of confirming the appointment. We usually wait until the time comes and goes to then try to get a hold of them and find out what happened. Instead, at noon, (about 2 hours prior to the appointment) send the customer a Pic of the vehicle they are coming in on with a sign in the window that reads, “I’m Waiting for Jane.” Make the sign using a sheet of paper and marker. Hand write it and tape it to the inside of the windshield. From about 5 feet away it will be legible and make a huge impact!


Now text that (Waiting for) pic to your customer followed by a “selfie” of you standing in front of the same vehicle. The “One-Two punch” of back to back photos will create enough obligation to cause a confirmation or rescheduling call/text from your customer.


5)     Stand in the rain with 2 umbrellas.

Want to get more traffic on a rainy day? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


The next rainy day you have at the dealership don’t sit inside staring out the window hoping a customer will pull up. Be proactive and show them that you are ready and waiting. Go outside (YES! In the rain) with two umbrellas and have someone use your phone to create a video of you standing in the rain holding two umbrellas; one over yourself and one to the side waiting for a customer.


“Hello! This is (NAME) at (DEALERSHIP), and I wanted you to know that on this beautiful rainy day I have cars, but I have no customers. I have umbrellas, but I have no customers! I have cars and I have umbrellas but I am missing you! So I will wait. I will wait with my umbrellas and my cars for you.” (look sad and pitiful)


Now upload that to Facebook and to YouTube and text/email it to any incoming phone ups or e-leads that day.


6)     “Meet my boss…”

Want to get a powerful early TO from a manager that can increase your show ratio for appointments or get a customer back in the door from an earlier visit? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Prior to an appointment showing up try using the principle of “higher authority” with your customer by having a member of the management endorse you to your customer. Have your BDC manager, GSM, GM, or even the dealer create a 30 sec endorsement of you to your customers. If it can be personally addressed it’s even more powerful; “Hello Sandy, I’m the (MANAGER), I understand you have been communicating with… …you’re in good hands.”


This is also a powerful tool to try to re-engage a customer to come back to the store. If you don’t close the sale, have an F&I manager send a video ensuring we have great programs, your GM committing to an amazing experience, or your Service Manager promising service after the sale.


Use videos of people in positions of perceived authority to gain or regain trust. Upload them to YouTube and send the link to the appropriate type of customer.


7)     No one sells better than your customers

Have you ever had a shopper without the buyer? When only a part of the party is here, what can you do? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Next time you have a daughter without daddy, a husband without the wife, or a shopper without the buyer get them to do the selling for you. Why not have them perform a walk-around presentation for the other party showcasing the vehicle and the benefits. You simply stand by with the camera and film them as they walk and talk about the vehicle and what they like about it.


Remember that they will be more convincing of their parent, friend, spouse, etc. than you will ever be. You can fill in the blanks about the available programs, or specifics but let them be the star of the video.


8)     Be sociable.

The most common and most powerful social sites are (in order of importance): If you want to become more sociable, here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Make sure your social activity F.E.A.T.U.R.E.S. you in this way:

Frequent – The following are goals or guidelines; set an alarm on your phone to remember.

  • Facebook update/comment/photo (2/day)
  • YouTube video upload (1/day)
  • Twitter post (3/day)
  • Google+ photo/comment (3/week)
  • Linkedin update/post (1/week)
  • Instagram (3/week)

Entertaining – Use social sites to make your audience laugh, or think, but preferably to laugh.
Authentic – Be real and raw. Using correct spelling and grammar is preferred but perfectly produced and studio quality sound and lighting is not a necessity for videos and pictures.
Testifies – Have other people share their story and experience by collecting testimonials of service, sales, and even from those that liked you but didn’t buy from you.
Useful – Provide tips, tools, and techniques people can use to improve their lives or situation.
Respectful – Be careful that when you disagree you don’t sound disrespectful, or argumentative.
Engaging – Ask questions or post comments that cause others to want to engage with your thoughts or ideas.  
Sharing – Share posts, comments, resources, pictures, and videos that you didn’t create but that you find interesting, entertaining or educational.


9)     Download the Money maker app.

The next time you sell a vehicle and you need to collect referrals use the Money Make App. Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


After the purchase and before the customer goes into the finance office ask the customer if they have the “Money Maker App” on their phone. When they ask what you are talking about, ask to see their phone – have them unlock it if necessary.


“Let me see your phone and what carrier you have.” Then look for their contact list on their phone and start scrolling through it. As you do say, “Yes! You do have it, this is great, and it’ll make you a lot of money too! You see this is the Money Maker App and if you use it right now you can make hundreds.”




“All you need to do is start at the “A’s” and scroll through to the “Z’s” and only stop at the people you think would like me and you think would like the way I do business. All you need is 10 to 20 names and numbers to possibly make you an extra couple hundred to a thousand dollars.”


Place a sheet in front of them with blanks for up to 20 names and numbers, with a pen, and then get up and walk away, giving them time and space to start writing down the names.


10)  “Look Ma, NO HANDS!”

Of all the vehicles you sell, 80% or more have Bluetooth connectivity, and of all the customers you sell, 80% have a Smart Phone. How would you like to turn Bluetooth technology into a referral generator for you 80% of the time? Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


The next vehicle you deliver that has Bluetooth sync capabilities will be your next opportunity to ask for referrals. Once you program the phone to sync with the vehicle you are going to have to test the connectivity to make sure everything is working right. What better way to do that then to have them call the three people that will be most jealous of their new ride?


Ask your customer, “In order to test you phone we will have to try dialing out in three ways: from the phone key pad, from the dashboard key pad, and through voice calling. We will need three people to call and we should start with the three people who will be most jealous of your new ride. Who should we call first?”


Don’t be surprised if they start calling their friends and family with you right there in the passenger seat. Once they are on the phone introduce yourself and ask what they are driving.


11)   “You don’t know me, but you do know…”

Want an endorsement that will create referrals and generate leads? It’s time to get your customer to introduce you to their friends and family. Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


The next customer you sell a vehicle to should be giving you a list of names and numbers you can reach out to as possible referrals for business. Even if all you have to work with is the references you received for the credit application, you need to get a list of names and numbers and then create a 30 second video intro standing next to your newest customer.


“Hello all, you don’t know me but you do know the person standing next to me, it’s your friend(s) (CUSTOMER NAME). They just bought a (VEHICLE) from me and wanted to share their experience with some of their friends. (CUSTOMER TESTIFIES) Thanks, and I hope I can help you too the way I helped (CUSTOMER).


Once you record the video, upload it to YouTube and then text the link to the list you just collected of referrals and then text it to your customer for them to upload and share on their Facebook profile.


12)  “Enough about me, what do you think about me?”

Do you want to capture more reviews from your customers and grow your online reputation? It’s time to get your customers to share their story with the world. Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Go to Google on your Smart Phone and type in your dealerships name and the word reviews. As an example: “ABCMOTORS Reviews”. It will list all the major review sites for your dealership. Click on each one till you get to the screen where you can write a review for your store, copy the URL (Web Address) for that site and paste it into a “note pad” app on your phone so that you will now have a list of the major sites. Once you have the major sites you should have something like following stored on your phone:

  1. DealerRater –
  2. Google –
  3. Cars –
  4. SureCritic –
  5. YellowPages –
  6. MerchantCircle –

Now that you have your list stored on your phone you need to text this list to your customer. Once they have this list as a text message the links will be “live links” they can easily clink on and write you a glowing review right then and there. Keep in mind to prevent “IP Address Blocking” the customer needs to be accessing the internet on their own Data plan and not on the dealers WiFi signal.


Now go get you some great reviews! If you want your name to eventually become “Googleable” remember to have your full name written in the review twice by the customer, for example: “John Doe was a great salesman… …we would recommend John Doe to anyone wanting a great deal.”


13)  Your customer’s name is Q-something.

How would you like to be able to instantly and easily connect with all of your customers with the touch of a button and have them be able to refer you to any friends or family?  Here’s some Smart Phone Sellchology…


Once you sell a car it’s important to be able to easily connect with your customers and also for them to be able to contact and access their favorite car guy/gal. To make this possible try storing your customer’s first name in your phone under the letter “Q” followed by a dash then their name; ex. Q-John. Then store their last name followed by the vehicle they purchased in the place of the “Company or Business” section.


Once you start doing this your phonebook will begin to collect your customers and you can easily store and retrieve access to your customers for follow up calls and text messages. Now scroll through your address book knowing that everyone with the “Q-“ in front of their name is your customer. You’ll end up with a well-organized list that looks like this:

  • Q-Brad Cox 2012 Accord
  • Q-Cindy Christenson 2007 Outback
  • Q-David Stoller 2010 Camry
  • Q-Jeff Richmond 2011 Jetta
  • Q-Mark Boggs 2011 CRV
  • Q-Mike Stoebner 2013 Ridgeline
  • Q-Royal Kraft 2013 Taurus
  • Q-Scott Willet 2011 Civic
  • Q-Steve Johnson 2014 F150
  • Q-Todd Ritz 2014 Edge
  • Q-Tyler Kadlec 2011 Pilot


I hope you’ve enjoyed how simple it is to add Sellchology to your Smart Phone! Sellchology is the study of how to sell through psychology and how to think like a customer for automotive professional salespeople and managers.


Continually at your service,

Jonathan Dawson

(612) 387-7776 – text or call



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