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Regional Event Coordinator - Sales & Marketing (Atlanta-based)

Thank you for your interest in joining our team as an Atlanta-based Regional Event Coordinator for Sellchology Sales and Management Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Events!

  • Would you like to be responsible for helping change the lives of thousands of salespeople and managers in the automotive industry?
  • Do you believe you have what it takes to market and sell Sellchology events?

If you believe you have what it takes to pack the house, then keep reading!



This is an Atlanta-based, full-time, W2, employment opportunity that is a very demanding (while rewarding) position!

  • You will be on the road, and sometimes in hotels (potentially) as many as 5 nights out of a week (YES... there will be MANY nights away from your own bed
  • You will be rejected by receptionists, managers, salespeople, and dealers more times than you would ever think could happen
  • You will be forced to wait around while someone finds someone else who has the authority to say, "NO!" more times than you would like
  • You will be tired, frustrated, annoyed, and feel alone at times
  • You won't understand why nobody will give you a break and give you 2 minutes to hear you out
  • You'll wonder why (and how) some of "these managers" are running stores
  • All of that will happen in a single day, and then you'll have to get up in the morning and do it again, and again, and again
  • This will be a full-time position, with a minimum expected schedule of 39.5 to 42.5 hours per week. Your typical schedule will look something like this:
    • M – Th      9am – 7pm
    • Friday       9am – 4pm
    • Saturday   9am – 12pm
    • Sunday     Off

The ideal candidate for this opportunity will be an advocate for Sellchology in the marketplace. They will carry themselves with professional persistence that is both charismatic and caring. They will be completely consumed with empathy for a salesperson's current state and yet convinced with passion for what's possible for that salesperson.


The ideal candidate will be able to present a strong case for why a dealership's team should participate in the up-coming event by providing value and solutions that are meaningful and timely.


Does the following describe you?

  • Based in the Atlanta area, or willing to relocate to the Atlanta market
  • Automotive sales experience (3 or more years)
  • Automotive vendor experience (3 or more years)
  • Outside sales or D2D sales experience (3 or more years)
  • Currently earning between $60-$90k
  • Looking to earn between $85-$125 (yr 1), $125-$175k (yr 2)
  • Would like to eventually become a sales trainer for Sellchology
  • Persistent, motivated, coachable


This is NOT a sales trainer position, although this position IS the pathway to becoming a Sellchology trainer - no one will become a trainer for Sellchology without first becoming a successful Regional Event Coordinator. This is an offer to become a Regional Event (Marketing & Sales) Coordinator!  

The primary duties and responsibilities are:

  • Market to dealerships directly by:
    • Making in-dealership visits (many stores will require more than one trip) 
    • Calling contacts at dealerships (many managers will require more than one call)
    • Sending emails and marketing material to dealerships
    • Asking for and contacting referrals from dealership personnel
    • Using social media to promote the event(s)
  • Maintain a database of dealership contacts and connections:
    • Initiating 40 in-dealership visits per week
    • Collecting dealership contact information
    • Submitting a weekly contact list with lead status
  • Perform invitational sales presentations to dealership staff and management:
    • Conduct sales presentations to dealership management
    • Perform invitational sales meetings for sales staff
    • Present event information virtually through emails webinars or phone calls
  • Follow-up with uncollected tickets and promised payments until they are received
    • In person check collection
    • Over the phone or by email reminders for payment due

The 90-day training/base pay for this position is $5,000 / month draw against commissions earned. Following the 90-day training/base pay period, the draw will be adjusted.


A vehicle/travel allowance will be provided every month. The vehicle/travel allowance is to offset the expense incurred for travel: flights, gas, insurance, vehicle depreciation, and any other expense incurred through marketing of events.


An estimated income for the first year is between $100,000 and $175,000. For the second year, the expectation should be $150,000 to $225,000. For the 3rd year and beyond, the goal should be $200,000 to $275,000+.

If you were the Regional Event Coordinator for Sellchology, would you enjoy the following benefits:

  • I want to be directly involved in impacting thousands of lives
  • I want to become a much stronger salesperson and closer than I am now
  • I want to travel to exciting places, like Omaha, NE and Duluth, MN and Albany, GA 🙂
  • I want to learn to master Sellchology so I can (one day) train it
  • I will appreciate not having to work Sundays
  • I will enjoy the flex-schedule:
    • Flex time (ability to establish start and end time of work days)
    • 8 paid holidays per year
    • 10 days of paid time off annually
    • Up to 12 weeks a year of additional (optional & un-paid) time off
  • I want the ability to earn over $300,000 if I am focused and disciplined
  • I would enjoy working with Jonathan and representing him in the marketplace
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I understand that I am applying for a sales and marketing position with LITE Consulting, Inc., otherwise known in the marketplace as Sellchology, and that I will be working with Jonathan Dawson and representing him and Sellchology in the marketplace and because of the importance of that role and the responsibilities that come with that I will have to prove and demonstrate to Jonathan that I am (in fact) the best candidate for the position, including, but not limited to having to pass certain tests and assessments of my passion for the job, professionalism and persistence in getting what I want! 

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